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The NOSE offers two types of advertising opportunities for caricaturists in countries other than the United States and Canada-- Free, and Extended. All prices displayed are in U.S. Dollars.

FREE LISTING info includes: Name (your's, not your company), address and one phone number.

Sample of Free Listing: (Does NOT apply to artists in the United States)

  • Alfredo Giometti
    Montepulciano (SI), via delle mimose 33 - 53045

Simply send this information to us at and please use the words "Free Listing" in your subject line. One name per address/phone, one address/phone per name. Free listings do not include email addresses or web page addresses.

EXTENDED LISTINGS are available for $120 a year, which include company name, one additional phone or fax number, email link AND homepage link. Extended listings are placed above free listings.

Sample of Extended Listing:

For payment, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express. This amount is automatically billed to the same card each year on the anniversary of your listing. For details associated with purchasing an extended listing, please contact us at


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