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Face Painter Submission Form
Currently U.S. and Canada artists only please is now booking and representing face painters throughout the United States and Canada. Please note that not all artists who submit information and samples are chosen to be represented by Selections are based on quality of artwork, competitiveness of rates and need in the artist's area.

You will be notified if your work is accepted for representation.
We suggest that you first print this form in order to gather the requested information before filling it out online.

We need no more than 4 samples (photographs of painted faces) plus a self-portrait.Please be sure that your photos do not include your last name or company name in the image.

IMPORTANT: The samples you send should be representative of what you can do live at parties and events. The customer needs to know what kind of work they can expect while you are performing. You may wish to include samples of both simple and more-complex designs.Your photos should be cropped as tightly as possible both left and right and top and bottom.

We also need a head shot of you (face painted if you prefer!). Note that your head shot is often the first thing a customer sees when looking for a face painter. The photo should be of your head only - no shoulders or body and tightly cropped. It will also be reduced and used as the "button" on various pages.

Samples should be in .jpg, .png or .gif format. 
Max file size for each attached image is 1 MB.
 (Optionally reduce each image to approx. 8 inches high at 72 dpi - approx. 600 pixels high).

Please have your samples ready to attach before completing and sending this form. Samples must accompany form - please do not send separately.
NOTE: If you receive an error message when trying to send your samples, please send those by EMAIL to


IMPORTANT: Samples should be 6" to 8" tall at 72 dpi

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4

Dialup connections (modems): allow one minute of upload time for each 200 kB of file size when you submit the completed form.


First Name:

Last Name:



City, State, Zip:

Phone (incl. area code):

Fax (incl. area code):

Cell (incl. area code):



Metro Areas:
Please select an area that you serve WITHOUT additional travel expenses at your normal hourly rate (includes all locations within a 45 mile radius of where you wish to be listed) and a minimum number of hours. A new box will appear after each entry .     

City 1 is the Primary city/area served)
City 1:
Min. Hours:

Suggest a new city:

Wholesale/Agency rate
(your rate to us - posted rates will include our markup):      US$ per hour

Do you have higher rates in December?
If so, what is that rate?           US$ per hour   

Do you carry liability insurance?  
Availability (Full time; nights; weekends; etc.):   

Number of faces you can paint per hour:
  Simple designs  
  Complex or full-face design  
Type of paints used:   
Needs from customer:
(chairs, table, lighting, outlet, etc.) 
3 Client references:
Actual customers or other agencies you've done work through
Number of years experience painting professionally     
Promotional paragraph about you and your services (no last names or company names please!)
(approx. 100 words - this paragraph will be displayed on the website)
Additional Comments or Circumstances

Press this button to submit your info

Please don't click Send more than once! Do not close this window or press your browser's "back" button unti you get a confirmation message. Dialup (modems): allow one minute of upload time for each 200 kB of file size. Broadband: allow a delay of up to 30 seconds.

NOTE: If you receive an error message when trying to send your samples, please send those by EMAIL to

Or this button to start all over


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