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Party Caricature Artist Ray

Ray H

Live Party/Event Caricatures

Ray is a second generation caricature artist with over two decades of experience. His pleasing caricature style will keep your party goers entertained for hours. Trained by his dad "HUF", Ray's drawings are designed to capture a person's likeness in a humorous and non insulting manner. His professionalism and good nature will help enhance the party experience you provide for your guests. Ray's background includes nine years as a Disney Artist, digital graphic design and teaching graphics software apps.

In addition to the traditional caricatures shown on this page, Ray also draws Digital Caricatures!

Rates & Booking Information

Los Angeles Party Caricaturist  Los Angeles Party Caricature Artist  Los Angeles Party Caricatures  
Caricatures © Ray H. Used by permission.
Ray H    Ray H
  SERVES  Metropolitan Areas (hourly minimums)
    Los Angeles (3-hour minimum)
Travel charges may apply outside this area.


• $175 per hour. - All prices U.S. dollars, see minimum times (above)
• Up to 30 people per hour, black & white, heads only.
• Up to 25 people per hour, black & white, with bodies.
• Up to 20 people per hour, color, heads only.
• Up to 15 people per hour, color, with bodies.
  SIZE  • 8.5x11 , x (max 5-10 per page)
  MEDIA  • marker and Prisma Color
    REQUIRES  from customer • Two chairs near outlet and shade when outdoors.

*Prices subject to change. December/Holiday rates may be higher. Holidays vary by artist,
and generally include Thanksgiving through New Years and 3-day weekends.
**Number of people per hour is approximate and cannot be guaranteed.


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